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Erfahrener Disponent (m/w/d) national und international in München, Berlin, Passau und Rostock gesucht. Bewerbungen an: Herr Zacherl, Leopoldstr. 230, 80807 München, Tel.: +49 (0)89 - 350 35 0 Erfahrener Disponent (m/w/d) Italienverkehr in München gesucht. Bewerbungen an: Herr Zacherl, Leopoldstr. 230, 80807 München, Tel.: +49 (0)89 - 350 35 0

DS Spedition - Only Results Count

Transparency + Predictability + High Standards = best Quality + Performance

DS Spedition, as a medium sized, owner-managed freight forwarding and logistics company, stands for reliability and responsibility. Entrepreneurial and sustainable actions, focused on our customers, the environment and people characterize our philosophy.

To achieve maximum transparency and predictability, with the goal of achieving the best quality in a reliable and durable manner for our customers and business partners, is the basis of our business decisions.

Comprehensive consultation and planning, as well as the ability of a smooth implementation requires many years of experience, an integrated quality management system and excellent service. Meeting the high demands of our customers and expanding them continuously, is one of the bases of our business practices. This requires, among other things neutrality and openness to all modes of transport and transport service providers.

In order to be able to remain a reliable partner to our clients and a reliable employer we strive for a reasonable profit to secure the future of the company.

International Service Provider

As an international service provider, we strive for a healthy and sustainable growth so that we can offer our customers a broad portfolio of business achievements.

In all countries and societies in which we are professionally active, we respect the local culture and history and are willing to assume social responsibility. To contribute to the positive development of a global societyas a good, law-abiding and moral citizens is another basis of our company.

Supporting the long-term business interests of our clients is an important part of our business plan. Selecting the optimum of economical and quality-oriented logistics systems for each individual case offers our clients the necessary planning security.

Quality is when the client is happy to return.

Our Employees

Our staff are always available for our customers with passion and expertise. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and actions of our employees and thus provide the basis for a future-oriented cooperation internally - and externally. We offer our well-trained and motivated employees an open and dynamic environment and targeted support so that they always meet our demands regarding customer satisfaction.

Our management is characterized by open communication and efficient delegation of responsibilities to our employees.

A comprehensive information system provides our employees with the best access to the available resources and messages.