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Storage Logistics

Large Storage Capacities and Special Equipment

Aside from a multitude of additional services (such as handling, packing, dispatching, mounting, etc.), modern storage offers the efficient management of information flow (ordering, creating customer specific variations, inventory transparency, etc.) in combination with conventional storage services.

This makes storage logistics an "indispensable instrument" for the operation and the realization of our clients' logistical demands.

Optimal coordination of storage strategy, warehouse layout and the flow of information are crucial. This represents a basis for an economical and effective market- and distribution strategy.
DS Spedition has extensive storage capacities and special equipment for the appropriate storage and transport of your warehouse items.
Besides storing, dispatching, packaging and distributing goods, we also offer our clients computer supported inventory control and special, customer-specific analysis and statistics to control stock and storage.

Organizing the distribution of goods is only possible with reliable transport systems.

Our years of experience in various areas of logistics created synergies for new challenges and future development.

We adjust to any demand upon request and even tend to a project during the planning phase. We can also integrate existing solutions into our range of services and help you to optimize these, if necessary.