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Freights and Project Logistics to Mongolia

Your Freights to the Former Central Asian CIS States and Mongolia

Special projects require special expertise. Our Mongolian and CIS specialists in Hamburg and Berlin arrange freight carriage to Central Asia and Mongolia. We organize container transport from loading points through Europe to the former CIS countries in Central Asia and Mongolia. We use freight trains for such routes, thus contributing to environmental protection and transport safety.

Door-to-door freight forwarding service

We plan and organize the optimal transport in accordance with your requirements

  1. Ocean freight (via China) with pre- and post-haulage by train to and from Mongolia
  2. we handle air freight with our partners MIAT (Mongolian Airlines) or South Korean Airways
  3. Direct road transports by trucks (also oversize and isothermal transports)
  4. Intermodal:
    1. pre-haulage by road
    2. partial transport across the Baltic Sea
    3. post-haulage by train from the Baltic states all the way to Mongolia
  5. Consolidated containers from Berlin or door-to-door full container service
    1. we dispatch consolidated containers from our our warehouse in  Berlin to Ulan Bator/Mongolia. Thanks to our close partnership and cooperation with thew transport branch of the Mongolian State Railways IFFC we can handle the daily transport via the Trans-Siberian Railway and across China with pre-haulage from all over Europe.
  6. taking care of all necessary customs formalities

Every week, we transfer 40 goods containers from our DS Berlin warehouse to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Thanks to our excellent partnership and collaboration with the Mongolian IFFC rail company, we are able to transport goods arriving from the whole of Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway.

In particular, the vehicle freight carriage is organised via Mukran (where the Russian broad gauge vehicles are loaded) and Klaipeda for the CIS countries in Central Asia.

Our Special Office in Berlin and ocean freicht branchin Hamburg will gladly deal with your special requirements:

DS Spedition GmbH
Leopoldstr. 230
80807 München
Tel.: ++49 (0)89 350 350
Fax: ++49 (0)89 350 35 129